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Sara Moraca is a science journalist, she writes about animals, biodiversity, conservation and climate change. She covers also topic about innovation and circular economy.
After graduating in biology, she worked in Brazil for six months for the communication of the Tamar project, one of the longest programs for the conservation of sea turtles in the world and in South America. Her attention then moved to journalism: she attended one of the best European training schools in the field of scientific journalism, Sissa of Trieste. After working for a period at National Geographic Italy, today she is a freelancer.
Her works appears mainly on Corriere della sera, National Geographic Italy, Wired Italy and La Stampa.
She also collaborates with institution and scientific organizations in the development of
communication strategies and tools (such as press offices and development of
communication project).



Tetsuro Matsuzawa

Interview with the famous Japanese primatologist, author of some of the most important studies on intelligence and primate behavior: "Let's put it in my head, sometimes they are smarter than us and have a lot to teach us"

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Alexandra Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau: «It's not over, you can still do a lot for the seas»

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Sheila Jasanoff

Technology must be more democratic

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Magdalena Skipper

The future of science, the importance of interdisciplinarity

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Professor Katharine Hayhoe

Climate Science Center Director

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Nigel Tapper

Climatologist and Nobel Peace Prize

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2016 – Paola De Paoli award for scientific journalism – Ugis, Unione Giornalisti Scientifici Italiani
2017 – Lice prize for dissemination of the epilepsy – Lice (Lega italiana contro l’epilessia)
2018 – Fellowship for Kavli Workshop on science journalism – organized by MIT and Kavli Foundation
2019 – fellowship for the LSE summer school ” Governing Climate and Environmental Change: Science, Policy and Politics “



Expedition Aeolians 2018, Oceana

Invited as journalist on board

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Svabard scientific expedition - 2018
CNR (italian national research center)

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